Landmark Maps – British Columbia

Frequently asked questions

Do people use maps anymore? I thought everyone used their phones.

  • Not true! We get a lot of requests throughout the year. Maps are in high demand at every visitor center, and at hotels.
  • We recently called every hotel in Nanaimo to ask how many of our new maps they wanted, and every single hotel wanted at least 500, with one hotel asking for 2000! 
  • One popular Vancouver Island Visitor center employee said that every second question during peak season starts with ‘Do you have a map of…’? 
  • People need an overview of the area, and a map is perfect for that. Yes they can use their phones but they won’t get the birds eye view.
  • People travelling from other countries love to grab maps and save on data. Plus it is nice to have something tangible to look at. 
  • Boomers who have all the money won’t be going on google maps, but even young people will grab a map (I know many people in their 20s and 30s that have told me they grab maps when travelling, I’ve also met a lot of people that tell me they LOVE maps in general, and collect them). 
  • People like to take maps home as a memento or keepsake of their trip. 

Will advertising on a map get me good exposure?

  • Yes it will! Our maps are clean and uncluttered without too many advertisements. We purposefully keep ads off the map itself, unlike other maps which stack ads and place them everywhere, including on top of the map. 
  • We endeavour to make every display ad eye catching and impactful – ie not full of text and poorly designed. Map users will clearly see your ad and get to know your business better!
  • There are only 20-25 ads per side of the map. Compare that to a visitor guide which would have 60-80 pages – that is a publication where you would get lost in! 

Can you guarantee I will get a return on this investment?

  • We can’t guarantee the amount of business you will get from this ad, but we can guarantee that the maps will be printed on time and every map will be picked up (we are always getting requests for more maps from visitor centers, hotels, and tourism agencies). 
  • We can guarantee that you’ll get over (# of maps x 2 average users) impressions on your ad on a given map! A display ad on our map will bring you visibility and awareness among a market you want to reach!
“Your maps are magical.”
Port Alberni Visitor Centre Tourism Counsellor

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